Department of Radiology

Department of Radiology:

The Department of Radiology is at the forefront of innovation and advancement providing quality imaging services to patients. To reduce referrals from Bannu to Peshawar and Islamabad, we are specifically focussing on Radiology to modernize and fully equip it with advanced diagnostic equipment to meet all patients’ and clinicians’ needs in Bannu.

At present, the Radiology department is providing the following services to the patients.

  1. Xray (CR System)
  2. Ultrasound
  3. CT Scanner

Procurement for installation of 01 latest CT Scanner (160 slices), 02 Digital Radiology System, 01 Digital Fluoroscopy, and 01 Digital Mammography is in process and will be installed in coming 04 months.

Our Radiology Team:

Dr. Akhtar Ali Kaka Khel

Consultant Radiologist KGN

Ms. Haseena

Clinical Technologist (Radiology) KGN

Shah Muhammad

Clinical Technician (Radiology) KGN

Dr. Irfan Ullah

Trainee Registrar (Radiology) KGN

Rizwan Ullah

Clinical Technologist (Radiology) DHQ


Clinical Technologist (Radiology) KGN

Dr. Sibghat Ullah

Trainee Registrar (Radiology)/ W&CTH

Asmat Ullah

Clinical Technician (Radiology)/ KGN

Ms. Sajeela

Clinical Technician (Radiology)/ KGN