Department of Pathology

Pathology Department

Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital is having a pathology department equipped with all essential diagnostic machines. It provides diagnostic facilities to in-patients and out-patients of the hospital. We have planned to modernize the department further by adding more advanced diagnostic machines in near future.

Our Pathology Team:

Muhammad Sajjad

Professor (Histo Pathology)

Zard Ali Khan

Assistant Professor (Chemical Pathology)

Muhammad Ilyas Wazir 

Clinical Technician (Pathology)

Ilyas Mazhar 

Clinical Technician (Pathology)

Rehmat Ullah

 Clinical Technician (Pathology)

Abdur Rehman 

Clinical Technician (Pathology)

Najeeb Ullah

 Clinical Technician (Pathology).