Department of Gynae & Obstetrics

Gynaecology & OBS Department

Cases concerning pregnancy, childbirth and other reproductive diseases are treated in Gynae & Obs department. We have a very busy Gynae & Obs department at Women & Children Teaching Hospital where more than 40 deliveries and more than 15 C-sections are performed daily. We also have a full fledge Gynae department at Khalifa Gul Nawaz Teaching Hospital where C-section surgeries are performed daily by qualified Gynaecologists.  Our Gynae department puts great emphasis on providing the best possible facilities for female health and well-being. Patients are seen and surgeries are performed by a dedicated team of consultants and supporting staff.

Our doctors:                

Dr. Zakkia Khan

Associate Professor/HOD (W&C)

Dr. Zubaida Khanum

Associate Professor (KGN Hospital)

Dr. Hina Khan

Assistant Professor (KGN Hospital)

Dr. Bushra Nabi

Assistant Professor (KGN Hospital)

Dr. Maimona Azam

Assistant Professor (KGN Hospital)

Dr. Robina

Senior Medical Officer(W&C)

Dr. Zohra Shaheen

Medical Officer (W&C Hospital)

Dr. Faiza Akhtar 

Medical Officer (W&C Hospital)

Dr. Hajra

Medical Officer (W&C Hospital)