Department of General Surgery

General Surgery Department

The Department of General Surgery provides the highest quality of care to its patients. Our surgeons are well experienced. Our well-established team consists of highly skilled surgeons, experienced nursing staff, and paramedics. Surgical OPDs cater to a huge daily influx of patients. Additionally, our surgeons respond to incoming trauma cases round the clock.

Besides surgical services to patients, teaching and training for young doctors, nurses, and undergraduate & postgraduate students is also carried out.

We keep our patient’s health first and strive to provide excellent care.

Our doctors:

Prof. Dr. Ajmal Shah Bukhari

Professor of Surgery DHQ

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor

Professor (Surgery) KGN

Dr. Muhamamd Shoaib Khan

Associate Professor of Surgery DHQ

Dr. Gul Sher Khan

Senior Surgical Specialist/ Professor KGN

Dr. Asif Mehmood

Associate Professor KGN

Dr. Rafi Ullah

Assistant Professor (Surgery) KGN

Dr. Akhtar Ghani

Assistant Professor (Surgery) DHQ