Department of Dentistry

Dental Department

Dental technologists are a very important part of the dental healthcare team. Their duties include the fabrication and repair of prostheses, dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and on-lays, as well as maxillofacial surgical and orthodontic appliances. These appliances aim to restore the lost natural teeth of patients by restoring their function, phonetics, and aesthetics.

The Department of Dental Technology aims to produce dental technologists that not only have a strong command of the knowledge and technical skill required in this discipline but also instill in them a sense of strong professional ethics and dedication to lifelong learning. Our graduates leave the institute with the capability to link their theoretical and technical learning with the ever-changing needs of the advancing world of dentistry.

The Dental Department is equipped with comprehensive and technologically advanced resources. Our dental and maxillofacial surgeons provide a full range of clinical services.

In addition, we have other dental facilities for a general dental practice which include basic and specialized orthodontics, Operative Dentistry as well as Endodontics. Minor oral surgical procedures like biopsies, apicectomy, cyst enucleation with curettage, bone grafting, surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, alveoloplasty, and advanced periodontal treatment are also carried out.


Dr. Muhammad Farooq

Principal Dental Surgeon(DHQ)

Dr. Shah Amin Ullah

Senior Dental Surgeon (KGN)

Dr. Kifayat Ullah

Dental Surgeon (KGN)

Dr. Mudassir Farooq

Dental Surgeon (KGN)

Dr. Susan Zarif

Dental Surgeon (DHQ)